Membership Information

Membership Information

For information about Induction 2013 please contact:
Susan Rushton or Larry Luster

Membership Description & Benefits
By seeking membership in Sigma Theta Tau International and Xi Eta Chapter, you are aspiring to join nurses who are clinicians, educators, administrators and researchers who lead and support the profession’s journey toward improved patient care and have demonstrated personal commitment to nursing excellence.

More membership information on the Sigma Theta Tau International Website here.

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Professional affiliation
  • Networking opportunities: Fall dinner, Spring dinner, Induction, Ethel Johns Research Day, Pre-conference workshops.
  • Continuing education
  • Print and electronic access to nursing research
  • Leadership and career development programs
  • Mentoring opportunities with other nurses
  • Informative publications: Image: The Journal of Nursing Scholarship, Reflection (international newsletter), X-Claim (Xi Eta chapter’s newsletter)
  • Research grants and scholarships
  • Awards and recognition of excellence

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Eligibility Criteria:

Undergraduate students must:

  • Be in an Undergraduate or Post RN Program;
  • Have completed 1/2 of the nursing curriculum;
  • Have a least an average of 75% on completed nursing courses;

RN students must:

  • Have completed 12 credit hours at the current school;
  • Have completed 1/2 of the nursing curriculum;
  • Have a least an average of 75% on completed nursing courses;

Graduate students (Masters and Doctoral) must:

  • Be in the UBC Masters or Doctoral Program;
  • Have completed 1/4 of the nursing curriculum (at least 9 credits);
  • Have at least an average of 80% on completed nursing courses.

Nurse leaders must:

  • Be a registered nurse
  • Hold at least a baccalaureate degree in nursing or other field
  • Have demonstrated achievement in nursing (education, practice, research, administration, or publication).

Examples of Achievement in Nursing:

  • Creativity/Innovation in clinical practice
  • Leadership qualities contributing to improved health care
  • Teaching
  • Administration
  • Curriculum development
  • Improvement of the status of nursing organizations
  • Innovative student-focused learning approaches
  • Research development utilization
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Staff development
  • Mentoring of colleagues
  • Innovative professional recognition of programs

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Membership Fees
Xi Eta and STTI Fees are currently $130.00 US annually.
* The Edith Anderson Membership Subsidy Fund will be used by Sigma Theta Tau International to underwrite up to 75 percent of the annual Sigma Theta Tau International membership fees for those requiring financial assistance. The stipends will be furnished on a confidential basis. For further information contact Susan Rushton or Larry Luster.

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Membership Forms

Click on a link to download the form:

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How to Apply for Membership

  1. Identify the appropriate category and eligibility requirements for you.
  2. Obtain an application package. This package consists of the appropriate intent form (i.e., undergraduate student, graduate student, or nurse leader) and two Endorsement for Membership forms. You can download the application intent from and endorsement forms here.
  3. Seek endorsement* from two people and have them each complete and return the applicable endorsement form. At least one of the two endorsements is to be from an active member of Sigma Theta Tau International. The majority of UBC School of Nursing faculty are Sigma Theta Tau members.*An endorsement is a letter or statement supporting an individual for membership in the chapter. You can contact one of the counselors for a current list of active Xi Eta members. Those people providing endorsements may wish to send their completed endorsement form directly to Rochelle Einboden or you may include it in your packet to mail.
  4. E-Mail the completed forms attention to Susan Rushton and Larry Luster
    Susan Rushton email:
    Larry Luster email:
  5. Please do not send money with your application
  6. Undergraduate and graduate students are to submit with their application a copy of their current transcript. Nurse leaders are to submit a photocopy of their nursing baccalaureate degree (or final transcript) as well as a copy of their nursing license.
  7. Application deadline: Please email Susan and Larry for Deadlines. (Induction is June 6th so all applications must be received before then)
  8. If you are accepted and approved, you will be notified shortly. The induction ceremony will be held in Vancouver June 6th 2012.

Contact Information
For information or questions regarding the application process, please contact

Larry Luster

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