Award for Excellence

Xi Eta Chapter Recognition Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice

To be awarded during the 16th Annual Ethel John’s Research Day, February, 2015

Applications due: Dec 15th, 2014

Call for Nominations

The Awards Committee of Xi Eta is calling for nominations for the annual Xi Eta Chapter Recognition Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice. Two awards are to be presented during the Annual Ethel John’s Research Day (February, 2015). These awards are being established for the recognition of outstanding nurse contributors in clinical practice to nursing and to the goals of Sigma Theta Tau International. These awards reflect the belief that excellence in nursing fostered by outstanding nurses, in turn, contributes to healthy outcomes for individuals, communities and society.

The nominee meets the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrates breadth of knowledge in area of clinical nursing practice
  2. Develops creative approaches to nursing practice that contribute to quality client care
  3. Possesses clinical expertise and attributes of a clinical scholar
  4. Advances the scope and practice of nursing
  5. Serves as mentor/preceptor that inspires peer’s practice of nursing
  6. Enhances the image of nursing through nursing practice
  7. Participates in community affairs, legislation, or organizations that affect nursing practice
  8. Is an active member, i.e., currently paid up member of Sigma Theta Tau International, Xi Eta Chapter
  9. Holds current CRNBC membership
  10. Is endorsed/supported by recognized nursing leaders

Process for nominations:

The following documentation must be submitted electronically to the Awards Committee by Dec 15th, 2014 (See below for contact).

  • On one page, indicate the name, address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address for the nominee and nominators,
  • Letter from the nominee agreeing to be nominated,
  • Curriculum vitae or resume of the nominee,
  • Supporting documentation from at least three different sources which address specific criteria from peers, faculty and nurse leaders,
  • A summary of the above information high-lighting the criteria for the award,
  • Forward the original signed letters and any references by mail.

Conflict of Interest Guidelines

  1. Chapter Officers and members of the Awards Committee are not eligible to nominate or to provide supporting documentation for the nomination.
  2. Chapter Officers are not eligible for nomination until at least one year after they have ceased to hold office.
  3. Members of the Awards Committee may choose to resign in order to accept a nomination.

Contact Person for Information or Submission: 

Awards Committee Chair
Sherri Kensall, RN, MSN, C Neph (c)