Award Winners

Xi Eta Graduate Student Research Award Winners

PhD Award – to Sandra Lauck for her study: Patient reported outcomes in people living with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD)

PhD Award – to Reem A Jumah Ali for her study: Do Maternal Attachment Styles Affect Premature Infants’ Night Sleep Patterns?

PhD Award – to Angela Wolff for her study : Understanding the Influence of Changing Demographics on the Healthcare Workforce.
MSN Award – to Nerrisa Bonifacio for her study: Evolution of Family Visitation in the Post-Anesthetic Recovery Room.

PhD Award – to Sheila Turris for her study entitled: Women with cardiac symptoms: Negotiating experiences of emergency department care.

PhD Award – to Diane Sawchuck for her study : evaluating the clinical practice guidelines published by the British Columbia Reproductive Care Program.
MSN Award – to Rosanna Ferrer for her study: on the effects of level 1 Training in Power (TIP) meditation on home care nurses’ work stress levels.

PhD award – to Cheryl Segaric for her study entitled: “The nature of relationships among nurses, patients and family members in the acute care hospital setting; a qualitative study.”
MSN award to Lynne Palmer for her study entitled: “Deciding when it’s labour; the experience of women who have received antepartum care at home.”

PhD Award – Christine Maheu for her study: on women’s interpretations of inconclusive genetic testing results related to breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility.
MSN Award – Margaret Mui Yeah Cunningham for her study: on individual’s perceptions of living with fibromyalgia.
Congratulations to both Winners on this achievement!

PhD Award – Patti Keith for her study: “Women’s experience of livebirth after stillbirth”
MSN Award – Valencia Remple for her study: “Psychometric assessment of the multidimensional quality of life questionnaire for persons infected with HIV or with AIDS in a cohort of HIV-infected women”

Congratulations to both Winners on this achievement!