Research Award

Xi Eta Chapter Graduate Student Research Awards

Awarded annually

Applications due: TBD

To provide financial support for graduate student researchers to help offset expenses related to data collection, analysis and/or dissemination.

A $1000 grant is awarded annually, for either a Masters level or Doctoral level study.


  • Member of Xi Eta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International
  • Graduate student in nursing
  • Approved proposal for a Master’s thesis or a PhD dissertation
  • Not a member of the Awards, Scholarship or Research Committees, or on the Board of Directors of Xi Eta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International.


  • The following documentation must be submitted by December 15, 2014.
    1. Identification – on one page, please indicate name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address for both yourself and your thesis/dissertation supervisor.
    2. Summary of proposal, single-spaced and no longer than two pages. It must include: problem statement; purpose/significance; overview of methodology; overview of data analysis; timeframe; plans for dissemination; and plans for use of award money. References may be on a separate page.
    3. Proof of membership in Xi Eta
    4. Letter of support from thesis advisor that includes a written statement that ethics approval has been obtained and a synopsis of the student’s academic achievements.
  • If you are unable to send (c) and/or (d) electronically, please send them to Helen Brown mail. See below for contact information.


  • All applications will be ranked (by members of the Award Committee) from 1-10 on each of the seven criteria listed under Requirements. A mean score, between 1 and 10, will be calculated and the awards given to the highest ranked Masters and Doctoral candidates. For the awards to be given, the highest ranked candidate in each category must earn an average score of 7 or higher. If no candidate in a given year achieves a sufficiently high mean score, the prize will not be awarded.


  • Grant recipient to present their research at the Annual Ethel Johns Nursing Research Forum. A $1000 grant is awarded annually for either Masters level or Doctoral level study.
  • Grant recipients write a short article in the Xi Eta Newsletter, X-CLAIM! to provide an overview of their research and to explain the benefits of receiving the grant.